Memorial Plaques

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CODEAGENCY is proud to present the mobile application “Memory Tables”. An indispensable tool to help you gain easy access to the pages of our shared history.


World War II was a time of heroism and martyrdom not only for soldiers but also for civilians. In 1949 the sculptor Karol Tchorek won the competition to design a plaque commemorating the places of fight and death of civilians throughout Warsaw. His memorial plaques were placed in places of crosses and makeshift plaques brought by citizens returning to the destroyed capital, who wanted to honor their fallen and murdered compatriots. In later years, however, many of them disappeared from the city map.


Fundacja PGE Energia Ciepła has joined the project, the aim of which is to protect, document and mark the places where the original plaques have survived, and to reconstruct plaques in places where they have not survived to the present day.


CODEAGENCY has made the foundation’s vision a reality. We prepared and realized for you a project of website and mobile application. Thanks to them you will be able to learn about the project “Memorial plaques” and to get familiar with the map on which we marked all the places in Warsaw where there are plaques commemorating the events of the Second World War.


Memorial Plaques 1


By downloading the app:

– you will learn what is currently happening in the Memorial Plaques project

– You will learn the history of the creation of the original boards

– On the interactive map you will see where the boards are located and you will learn about the history of which they are to remind us

– QR code reader will allow you to learn the history of the place you are in (each plaque has a QR code assigned to it).

– On the website tablicepamieci.pl you will find a library of multimedia and educational materials.


History is an inseparable part of our lives. Cyprian Kamil Norwid: wrote: “The past – it is today, only anything further”. Every person creates history and is responsible for it.


Let us remember and give hope to the memory.



December 10, 2019
Fundacja PGE Energia Ciepła