Programowanie aplikacji mobilnych na Android oraz iOS

Programming a mobile app for Android, iOS

Harness the potential of mobile apps and grow your business by reaching millions of new customers and users. We offer a fully customized design approach, encouraging you to take advantage of our dedicated iOS and Android mobile app programming service. Mobile devices are generating an increasing percentage of internet traffic month after month. Tailor-made software for smartphones and tablets can turn out to be a powerful flywheel for your brand and a key factor of its development.

Our mobile applications for companies allow you to:

  • attractive presentation of the sales offer,
  • reaching and expanding target groups,
  • automation of business processes,
  • providing mobile users with necessary functionalities,
  • company, sales or promotion management from the smartphone level.

High service culture, knowledge, individual approach and constant contact allow us to program mobile applications tailored to the needs of your business in every detail.

Mobile apps for iOS

By entrusting us with the development of applications for devices running iOS operating system, you gain the opportunity to reach a growing number of users of Apple devices. Our domain are projects tailored to the smallest detail, optimized for changing requirements and preferences of users. Apple platform provides an extensive range of functionality. By commissioning us to program a mobile application for iOS together with its implementation in App Store, you have a chance to use all of them.

Mobile apps for Android

Do you want to communicate effectively and reach the widest possible audience? Order the creation of a dedicated application for Android and use the potential of the operating system, which is already used by over 2.5 billion users around the world. Software for Google platform will give your potential customers unlimited access to applications from Google Play store.

Process of mobile app development iOS / Android

Mobile app - programming

Working on a product concept

In the first phase, our team refines the project in detail, identifying the needs of the target group.

Functionality analysis

At this stage we plan solutions, technologies and consult functions that can appear in your mobile application.

Preparation of visualization

We create graphic designs of screens and UX mockup – at this point the project takes real shape.

Code implementation

Stage of mobile application programming, which we carry out with particular attention to the needs and opinions of the client.

Software testing

Each iOS/Android mobile application is tested by us in detail, in order to catch and eliminate errors.


The last stage of work on the program includes its overall assessment, verification in terms of customer requirements, industry standards and accepted standards.

How long does it take to program a mobile app?

The time needed to program a mobile application for iOS/Android platforms largely depends on the nature of the project. The final date when the software will be ready for implementation is influenced by, among others: the functionality of the system, the amount of code or the length of tests. However, if you order mobile application programming from us, you do not have to worry about delays. We know how important punctuality is in every project, that is why we approach deadlines with the utmost care.

Take advantage of our offer and order mobile software design for your business today! And if you are still not convinced that a mobile application is the right solution for you, or if you have additional questions, ask us by filling out the dedicated contact form. We are available 24/7 to offer you our knowledge and experience. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the mobile application and make it the most important tool in your company!