Proces tworzenia aplikacji mobilnych

Mobile App Development on Android, iOS

Do you run a small business? Or maybe you are the head of a larger company? Surely you are well aware of the importance of constant contact with your customers. Do you want to efficiently respond to their needs? Use modern tools with the help of which you will improve mutual communication. Software for phones and tablets is an effective solution that greatly facilitates functioning in the digital world. It helps your business reach an even greater number of potential contractors and permanently exist in their awareness. As you know, modern software for the phone is not a cost – it is an investment in development.

During the entire process of app development we are in constant contact with the client. Why? Because it affects the dynamics of cooperation, and thus the final project. Thanks to high class specialists we can create innovative, durable and most of all easy to use products. We remember both our customers and end users – for them a clear interface is essential!

Tworzenie Aplikacji Mobilnych

Designing a mobile app

Our professional, individual approach to clients and clarity in conveying information are what makes us stand out from our competitors. We realize the importance of teamwork and understanding the needs of the Contractor, therefore by choosing CODEAGENCY offer, you can count on substantive support from our specialists. Invest in the development of your business, betting on dedicated apps for the phone.

Even before implementation, we clearly define the goals, presenting you with the scope of services we will perform. Why? We want you to be sure what you really pay for. Transparency in cooperation helps us maintain the trust of existing customers and attract new ones. Mutual trust is extremely important, because it translates into the quality of the project.

From the beginning, we clearly establish the scope of services that we are able to perform for you. Then you are sure what you are actually paying for.

Stages of mobile app development for Android and iOS:

  • develop the concept of the product and the needs of its target group,
  • comprehensive analysis of possible functionalities,
  • create visualizations of screens (UX mockup, graphic design),
  • implementing the code – the so-called app programming,
  • test the software and remove potential bugs,
  • obtaining certification,
  • deploy the software in App Store and/or Google Play store.
Programowanie aplikacji mobilnej

It is very important that the product is optimized for devices of different brands, from lower to higher price ranges, so that it works reliably and quickly regardless of the manufacturer’s software.

We ensure that the project coordinator stays in touch with you and the team of graphic designers and programmers at each of these stages so that the result of the work meets your and the end recipient’s expectations one hundred percent. Need additional information? No problem! Check out our offer today and choose solutions tailored precisely to your business.

We always listen to users and respond to their needs, so cooperation with us does not end after the software is published in app stores. We care about software development, providing regular updates and eliminating potential bugs, both in Android and iOS versions. In this way we can meet the expectations of consumers and provide them with products of the highest quality.

Do you have any questions? Before establishing cooperation you would like to know the approximate cost of creating a dedicated app? We fully understand that! Just provide us with the necessary information, such as budget range and target group, and we will present you with a project perfectly tailored to your requirements as soon as possible. Use the contact form available on the website or contact us by phone. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need, we will explain more details, thanks to which creating and programming a mobile app will be fully understandable. Do not wait, choose today an interactive, personalized tool for your company!

Projektowanie aplikacji mobilnej Android, iOS

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