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Without mobile apps, it’s hard to think about the modern world. We spend more time using mobile devices than computers. This gives us a clear indication of the direction in which to develop.

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Why mobile apps?

Home comfort, comfortable armchair, bus stop and many other places – this is where we want to have full access to all services. That’s why the importance of apps is growing every day. The range of this technology is almost unlimited. All the useful features of a website can be transferred to mobile devices such as the website of your company, store or any other organization.



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Project cost estimate

The degree of accuracy of the estimated cost of developing a mobile app depends on the quality and refinement of the project specification.

Check if your specification answers the following questions:

•  On what systems is the mobile application supposed to run – Android, iOS, or maybe on both?
•  On what devices is the app supposed to run – phone, tablet?
•  What is the orientation to be – portrait or landscape?
•  Will the application require an external database solution, API, administration panel?
•  Will the user use a login panel?
•  Are micropayments to be implemented?
•  Are notifications to be implemented?
•  What will be the number of screens?

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